STEP Submission

Call no1- STEP Long Narrative Script - Development Workshop

The call to the first edition of “STEP - Long Narrative Script- Development Workshop” is now open!

STEP (Space to Establish Partnerships) is the ETISAL’s Fund second program. ETISAL’s mission is to help young African filmmakers not only in expressing freely their skills and talents through filmmaking but also in promoting their work globally.

“STEP Long Narrative Script-Development Workshop” will be held in Luxor, Egypt, during the 6th Luxor African Film Festival, from the 16th to the 21 March 2017. This workshop aims to help the participating projects to reach the maximum of their capacity, enhance the qualities of the script material and clarify the dramatic components of the screenplay. This intensive workshop is a unique script development workshop addressed only to young African professional directors living in African countries.

The workshop is guided by an active tutor in the field of development with a wide international experience.

The submission to STEP Long Narrative Script - Development Workshop is over

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