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    The Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF) is one of ISF’s projects. It was the writer Sayed Fouad’s idea, as the African films are almost not screened in Egypt. Furthermore, Luxor hardly has any cultural or artistic events, and was therefore selected to de-centralize cultural or artistic events always oraginzed in Cairo and Alexandria.

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    Why Luxor City?

    Though Luxor is the largest open-air museum in the world it was lacking artistic festivals. Its geographical position - in the very heart of Upper Egypt and hence closer to the rest of the African continent - gives the historic city a unique advantage .

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    Board of Trustees

    Sayed Fouad El-Gennary

    President Sayed Fouad El-Gennary

    Azza El Hosseiny

    Treasurer Azza El Hosseiny

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    ETISAL’s mission is to provide to the needs of young African filmmakers in expressing freely their skills and talents through filmmaking and promote their work globally.

    African short films is a “life savior” of young filmmakers (Aged between 18-30 of both genders) who are marginalized in terms of production and distribution. Although young filmmakers rep...

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    * Lebleba: I'm proud to be payed tribute in my home country in appreciation of my long career in the arts, and I thank LAFF.

    * Asser Yassine: My tribute at LAFF is a very pleasant surprise.

    Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF) has revealed the names of the stars who will be payed tribute during its 8th edition, held 15 – 21 March. Screenwriter Sayed Fouad, founder of LAFF announced: Tributes during the upcoming edition of Egyptian Stars will include the superstar Leble...

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    Chronology of Egyptian cinema

    Chronology of Egyptian cinema

    The Fespaco, A Matter of State

    The Fespaco, A Matter of State

    Khaled Saleh ... originally confectioner

    Khaled Saleh ... originally confectioner

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STEP Regulations

Call no1- STEP Documentary Feature Film Production Workshop

STEP Documentary Feature Film Production Workshop

The call to the first edition of “STEP Documentary Feature Film Production Workshop” is now open!

We believe strongly that documentaries matter because they give a better understanding of our past and contemporary world, by its magical power that invites us to see our world from another perspective. LAFF is keen to continue encouraging creative and critical thinking using documentaries as a means of expression. As a matter of fact LAFF 2018 has translated, to Arabic, and published an important book in the field “ La Diversité du Documentaire de Création en Afrique” by Delphe Kifouani and François Fronty.

“STEP Documentary Feature Film Production Workshop” is the second program of Etisal Film Fund. ETISAL’s mission is to help young African filmmakers not only in expressing freely their skills and talents through filmmaking but also in promoting their work globally.

“STEP Documentary Feature Film Production Workshop” will be held in Luxor, Egypt, during the 8th Luxor African Film Festival, from the 15th to the 21 March 2019. STEP will host 5-6 participants. This workshop aims to help the participating projects to reach the maximum of their capacity, enhance the qualities of the project material and clarify its crucial components. This intensive workshop is a unique project development in terms of production, pitching and storytelling addressed only to African professional directors living in Africa, tackling African issues. All costs (air tickets + accommodation) will be covered by LAFF.

The workshop is led by active and internationally acclaimed directors in the field.

Conditions of Participation

1- Submitted projects must show innovation and creativity. Describe in no more than 2 pages.

2-The working language of the workshop is English or French thus a good knowledge of English or French is essential.

3-The credit "Developed through STEP Documentary Feature Film Production Workshop - Luxor African Film Festival" must be mentioned on all future versions of the developed project/film.

4-When a film is made, one DVD copy of this film - after touring in festivals - must kindly be sent to ETISAL Film Fund “STEP Documentary Feature Film Production Workshop” for LAFF’s records.

5-Applicants should be not be older than 35 year old by the beginning of the workshop.

6-Applicants should confirm their entire availability for the entire workshop.

7- Only one responsible per project could be invited by LAFF, preferably the director.

To be submitted all together in one PDF

Application Requirements

1-Curriculum vitae of director.

2-A treatment or outline of the project (no more than 5 pages)

3-Curriculum vitae of producer and track record of production company

4- A director's intention note (3 pages maximum).

5- A copy (or link ) of the last film of director with English or French subtitles.

6- Any visual material of the project is certainly a plus.

All correspondences should be sent to the following e-mail: etisal@luxorafricanfilmfestival.com

The deadline is 15 January 2019.

Accepted applicants will be contacted by 31st January 2019.

We are looking forward to receiving your projects.

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