2013 Edition

Tarek Al-Shenawy

Tarek Al-Shenawy

Film Critic & Journalist

Columnist and film critic, and a professor of art criticism in the Faculty of Information, Cairo University and the International Academy of Media Sciences.

He holds a BA in Media, the University of Cairo in 1979, and Bachelor of Film Institute in 1984.

Issued more than a dozen books, including (directors eighties dream and reality), and (cinema and a little politics), and (years laughter in the Egyptian cinema), and (made me a way out), and (artist does not know makeup), and (poet cinema), and (I torment Umm Kulthum) .. And others.

Won numerous awards as the best essay critical of the Journalists› Syndicate and cinematic associations, and supervised the Cinema Club and artistic activity in the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate in the period from 1987 to 1997.

Chaired and participated in the jury more than an international film festival, including Festival (Muscat) and (Oran) and (Annaba) and (Alexandria) and (Oossian) and others.