11 events on the second day of the festival

11 events on the second day of the festival

22 films, a press conference for Zeina and Omar Abdel Geleel, and a tribute to Ilham Shaheen, and the world premiere of the film "Wonder Box" in the presence of its stars, and the signing of Farid Shawky's book with a seminar in the presence of his family.

Today begins the second day of the activities of the Luxor African Film Festival after its opening ceremony yesterday at the Luxor Temple in the presence of stars from Egypt and the whole world. Today’s program starts from ten o'clock with a press conference for the star Zeina, during which she talked about her experience with cinema and honoring her at the festival. The press conference is managed by the journalist Gamal Abdel Nasser, head of the media center of the festival .

Zeina's conference is followed by another by the star Amr Abdel Geleel, who was paid tribute during the opening ceremony, at the same location as the Zeina's the Luxor Hilton Hotel. The event is moderated by Sayed Fouad, festival president. Amr also talks about his film career and his experience with director Youssef Chahine and others.

At 2 PM, "A Day for Women" will be screened in the Panorama of African Women in Film, coinciding with International Women’s Day in the presence of the star Elham Shaheen, who will deliver a speech on the occasion. The film will be screened at the Luxor Culture Palace.

At 4 PM, in the exhibition hall of the Luxor Culture Palace, the opening of the "Farid Shawky" exhibition takes place, designed by the great photographer Mohamed Bakr, in the presence of Shawky's family and a number of stars, including Zeina and director Omar Abdel Aziz.

After the exhibition and its inauguration, fans of LAFF will have a date with the screening of the film "Money", by Zeina, in her presence with the festival fans, and she will deliver an opening speech before the screening of the film.

As for 6 PM, the film "Wonder Box" will be screened in the conference hall in the presence of its stars, Rania Youssef, Amr El Kadi, Ahmed Kamal and director Emad ElBahat.

At the same time, 6 PM, the Kenyan cinema honoring program will show "The Cut" at the Luxor Culture Palace in the presence of the film's director, moderated by Hala El Mawy.

As for 8 PM, "Casablanca" will be screened in the conference hall, in the presence of the star Amr Abdel Geleel. At the same time in the Misr Public Library, the film "Eye of the Storm" will be screened in the presence of its star, African star Maimouna N'Diaye.

The star, Elham Shaheen, paid tribute to by the University of South Valley, in the presence of the President and Vice-President of the University, Dr. Abul Fadl Badran, and a large number of university students and screenwriter Sayedfouad, President of LAFF.

During the day’s activities, 22 films, between fiction and documentary, long and short will be presented in the presence of their makers, including 5 films within the first program for short films in the Misr Public Library, as well as "The Blue Elephant 2" in the Egyptian Panorama for the South Valley University at the open theatre, as well as at 6 PM at the Abul Haggag Square for the Luxor audience.