Chronology of Egyptian cinema

Chronology of Egyptian cinema

Chronology of Egyptian cinema

by Ali Abo Shady

Translated to French by : Abla Abdel Hafiz Salem

The idea of the book is suggested by Dr. Magda Wassef , Director of the Film Department of the Arab World Institute in Paris, to write a chronological aimed for following the most important events in the history of cinema in Egypt since the first projection of motion picture in Egypt in Toussoun Bourse in Alexandria , November 5, 1896 until 1995 ,as part of celebrations of the Institute on the occasion of hundred years of cinema in Egypt , it was agreed to observe facts and events objectively and without critical comments as programs used in similar form in the history of cinema in the world, while avoiding details that do not interest the French reader , since the book will be published - in French - among dozens of specialized studies that will be included in the Memorial book , which will be released on this occasion.

I encountered many difficulties due to the scattering articles in dozens of sources, in addition to the contradiction of certain information in various sources and the lack of scientific information and it was necessary to check the information to adhere to the scientific method..... The book ends up trying diligently to observe and document the main facts and the most important and variables events in the history of cinema in Egypt , movies , theaters, filmmakers and awards to provide a comprehensive overview on the most important facts that are happened every year in film studies centers and researchers in their fields .

For certain circumstances, the research is not published, I decided to publish it as part of the celebration of the centenary of Egyptian cinema by the Supreme Council of Culture after revising and adding information interesting the Arab reader with complete objectivity, but I could not avoid expressing some estimates for some works that - emotionally - I could not ignore my admiration.

The first edition was published by the Supreme Council of Culture in 1997 entitled “Chronology of Egyptian Cinema in hundred years from 1896 to 1995 “ it was translated into English in 1999 , the second edition was published by Damascus Film Festival in 2001 entitled “Chronology of Egyptian Cinema in the twentieth century “ by adding the years 1996/2000 , the third edition, entitled “Chronicle of Egyptian cinema 1896-2002 “ by adding another two years , then the third edition , translated into French and published by the third session the African Film Festival in Luxor - 2014

The book is one of the most important references for researchers and specialized professionals, critics and movie lovers in Egypt and the Arab world.