2021 Edition

Mahmoud El Meligy

Mahmoud El Meligy




Mahmoud El Meligy is an Egyptian actor who is considered one of the most famous Egyptian artists in the last century. With an impressive filmography that contains 500 films and TV series, he is considered one of the most accomplished actors in Egyptian cinema. 21 of his films were selected in the list of the best 100 films in Egyptian cinema, according to a poll made by critics in 1996.

Despite being known best for villain roles like a thug, a corrupt businessman, or an evil protagonist, he was also able to play other roles where he was a decent and loved protagonist. He often played characters of doctors, police detectives, and intellectuals. He also was able to capture the hearts of the audience and the critics in the comic roles he played all over the years, as he mixed his serious facial features with the comic tuition. The late actor was granted many awards, including The Medal of Sciences and Arts from the Supreme Council of Arts and Social Sciences in 1964, the State Encouragement Award in 1972, Certificate of Appreciation in the Art Festival 1977 and the Gold Medal for First Pioneers. He was also appointed as a member of the Shura Council in 1980.