2021 Edition

The Milkmaid

The Milkmaid

Section: Long Narrative

Country: Nigeria

Production Year: 2020

Duration: 136 minutes

Director: Desmond Ovbiagele

Screenplay: Desmond Ovbiagele

Cinematography: Yinka Edward

Editor: Chuka Ejorh

Cast: Anthonieta Kalunta, Maryam Booth, Gambo Usman Kona

Synopsis: Aisha’s younger sister, Zainab, is getting married. Traditional preparations are undertaken in the local village in rural Borno by the family of the milkmaid sisters and that of her farmer fiancé, Haruna. The day arrives, the union is sealed. But prospects of a bright future together for the new couple are violently dashed when insurgents strike right in the middle of the wedding reception. After the ensuing carnage and forced separations, the sisters are abducted along with other villagers and taken to the base of the insurgents on the outskirts of a remote town.