2021 Edition

For Rent

For Rent

Section: Long Narrative

Country: Egypt

Production Year: 2021

Duration: 93 minutes

Director: Islam El-Sayed Belal

Screenplay: Islam El-Sayed Belal

Cinematography: Ramy Salem

Editor: Hamada Abdel-Menam

Cast: Khaled Al-Sawy, Mohamed Sallam, Sheri Adel, Yasser Al-Tobguy, Essam Al-Sakka,Haidi Refaat, Ashraf Mahdi

Synopsis: Khaled is transferred to work in a branch of his institute in Alexandria for a month. He replaces an employee who has commit suicide in mysterious conditions, until another employee takes the position. He lives with Mokhtar Abdul-Hai, at his apartment. Mokhtar is a retired “Sea Captain” who lives alone at an apartment by the sea. Khaled experiences a peculiar journey in relation with Mokhtar’s life and his apartment, as well as with learning the reason of that other employee’s suicide.