2021 Edition

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

Section: Long Narrative

Country: Angola

Production Year: 2020

Duration: 72 minutes

Director: Fradique

Screenplay: Fradique, Ery Claver

Cinematography: Ery Claver

Editor: Zeno Monyak

Cast: José Kiteculo, Filomena Manuel, David Caracol, Sacerdote, Tito Spyck, Filipe Pali

Synopsis: When the air-conditioners in the city of Luanda mysteriously began to fall, Matacedo (security guard) and Zezinha (maid) embarked on a mission to retrieve the boss’s AC by the end of the day. His search is the starting point for a pleasantly free film about the heartbeat of this city: the buildings in Luanda which visibly bear its history, and the people trying to rebuild their lives after the civil war.