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She began her career in cinema as a 5-year-old girl and was famous for her celebrity imitation abilities.

She studied classical ballet and has 268 songs, including 30 songs for children.

She won several best actress awards, most notably the Arab Film Biennale "Biennale des Cinémas Arabes" of the Arab World Institute (IMA or Institut du Monde Arabe) in Paris for her role in Atef al-Tayeb's Laila Sakhina (Hot Night), 1996. She also received the same award in 1996 at the "All Africa" festival in Cape Town for the same film.

As a child, she starred in 6 films, the most important of which are: Her debut with Niazi Mustafa's Habibti Susu, Hussein Sidqi's The Happy House, and Anwar Wagdy's Four Girls and an Officer.

Her career as a protagonist has continued so far and she starred in 58 films, the most important of which are: Atef al-Tayeb's Laila Sakhina (Hot Night), Osama Fawzi's Fallen Angels Paradise, Mohamed Abdelaziz's "Esabat Hamada Wa Toto", Samir Seif's "Watch Out for Alkhot" and "His Excellency the Minister", Youssef Chahine's "Alexandria... New York" and Rami Imam's "Hassan wa Morkos".

She also participated in two drama TV series (His Excellency) and (Mamoun and Partners) directed by Rami Imam with artist Adel Imam.

She also participated as a jury member in six international festivals and 16 Arab festivals.